Project Information:

: 1
: Project Lesson Learned Web App
: New Web Application to track all project lesson learned and centralized and files associated to a project to be used in the future as part of research. Security system implemented to be managed by appropriate resources.
: Joel Richard Jacobson
: Joel R Jacobson

Additional Information:
: 2021-01-15
: 2021-12-15
: $500.00
Budget at Completion: $850.00
Domain: Education
Status: Archived

Summary Issues Recorded: 4
Issue Name: Matching Documentation Data
WBS: 2.5 Logged By: Zarah Vazquez
Problem/Success: Didn't found the required documentation
Impact: Damage the research results
Recommendations: Validation of data collected
Followed By:
Phase: Planning
Category: Project Quality Management
Issue Name: Computer System Overconfidence
WBS: 3.1.2 Logged By: Joel Jacobson
Problem/Success: Computer system wasn't designed to manage large amount of applications and heavy tools at the same time.
Impact: Compute SSD crashed and overheat processor. New computer system needed to be purchased. Budget affected to original Project Charter.
Recommendations: If this type of project was associated with programming which required larga amount of processing and memory to be managed, a deep analysis should f be performed to buyout a new system adequate to this type of project.
Followed By:
Phase: Executing
Category: Project Cost Management
Issue Name: Verbiage Verification
WBS: 4 Logged By: Joel Jacobson
Problem/Success: English 2nd languqge
Impact: documentations needs more time for review.
Recommendations: Had 1 or 2 person ahead of time to verify and review the project documentarion before submitting the assignment.
Followed By:
Phase: Planning
Category: Project Lessons Learned
Issue Name: Fixing logs
WBS: 6 Logged By: Joel
Problem/Success: No Narrative while moving on phases
Impact: Loosing track of changes along the project
Recommendations: Track any simple details down
Followed By: Joel
Phase: Executing
Category: Project Risk Management

Attached Files: 2
Document: Final Project Presentation
Document Type: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation
Description: PResentation of this type of project for capstone project
Uploaded by: Jake
Uploaded Date: 2022-06-10
Document: Final Project Paper
Document Type: application/pdf
Description: Final product research document of the capstone project
Uploaded by: Jake
Uploaded Date: 2022-06-10

Feedback Provided: Average Rating: 3.57 out of 5
Rating Scale: 1: Strong Disagree, 2: Disagree, 3: Neutral, 4: Agree, 5: Strong Agree
Question Rating 1-5
Results of capstone project were fantastic and demonstration of first draft of the product
Dedication on documenting everything. Lesson learned was vital from phase A to phase B.
Time. Due to College project there were constraint as it was a narrow window of a fix time.
Learning new tools sets and the usage of project management tools.
Students motivation gave me optimistic on building this app.