Project Information:
: 19
: Repaint home back deck level
: Subcontract local business to repaint back deck from the house. Current Paint is peeling off. New deck should be scrub and remove paint and stain with a cedar color.
: Zarah Vazquez Ortiz
: Unknown Company

Additional Information:
: 2020-06-26
: 2020-07-12
: $1,000.00
Budget at Completion: $2,000.00
Domain: Construction
Status: Archived

Summary Issues Recorded: 2
Issue Name: Damage to wood floor and rails.
WBS: 1 Logged By: Joel Jacobson
Problem/Success: Team was not using proper equipment or process to remove old paint.
Impact: During removal at execution phase, the team members removing the paint were using a power drill instead of sanding or pressure the floor with paint removal product.
Recommendations: Before starting the team should let know the owner which process should I select instead guessing going with the cheaper method. The business owner thought I want to cheapest way, which turn out to be more expensive.
Followed By:
Phase: Executing
Category: Project Procurement Management
Issue Name: Wrong Paint Ordered
WBS: 2 Logged By: Joel
Problem/Success: No Cedar color utilized.
Impact: Working team has to repaint over previous color used.
Recommendations: verify with customer that sample of color is correct before applying color to wood.
Followed By: Joel Jacobson
Phase: Executing
Category: Project Quality Management

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Instead of stain it was paint and dark brown instead of cedar.
Nothing. Everything went downhill.
Business employee want to cut corners and do everything as cheap as possible.
Learn more the process on how a Deck in wood is strip and repainted.
Sometimes cheap business will end up being more expensive as rework has to be done.