Project Information:

: 21
: Home downstairs carpet replacement
: The bottom downstairs has over 35 years old carpet and needs an upgrade. The carpet should be animal proof, stain proof, and odorless proof. The carpet should have at least half-inch of thickness and a total of 1 inch with padding. The carpet should be color light blue with grey. Excess should be included for future patching or repair.
: Joel Richard Jacobson
: Joel Jacobson

Additional Information:
: 2017-05-25
: 2017-05-27
: $2,750.00
Budget at Completion: $2,850.00
Domain: Construction
Status: Archived

Summary Issues Recorded: 1
Issue Name: Mold areas under old carpet found.
WBS: 1 Logged By: Zarah Vazquez
Problem/Success: Mold was found in the hallway close to the bathroom and boiler rooms.
Impact: Delayed 1 day on installation after removing old carpet.
Recommendations: If an old carpet will be removed and it is older than 30 years there will be a possible situation of mold found. Have a ready product of mold removal or mold cleaning product to work those areas the same day to prevent a full day of delay.
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Phase: Executing
Category: Project Time Management

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Document: New downstairs carpet
Document Type: image/jpeg
Description: Light gray with padding underneath of 1 inch.
Uploaded by: Jake
Uploaded Date: 2022-04-27
Document: Family Area
Document Type: image/jpeg
Description: Family layout with new carpet installed
Uploaded by: Jake
Uploaded Date: 2022-08-29

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Lowe's contractors were accurate on measurements and precise cuts. Included military discount!
Timeline went success in a matter of 2 days.
Feeling the puffiness of the new carpet which anyone can lay down in the floor.
Against stains. It gets clean so fast. Recommended a good brand to prevent damage to the carpet.