Project Information:
: 26
: Home Downstairs Updated Bathroom
: Fix Mold ceiling, repaint ceiling, walls and door, replace vanity mirror, update shower curtains, o rings, curtain pole and floor mats. Fix loose toiler and lastly re-caulking all edges on shower panels and shower bed to include around toiler re-caulking.
: Zarah Vazquez Ortiz
: Joel Jacobson

Additional Information:
: 2020-08-03
: 2020-09-06
: $500.00
Budget at Completion: $1,200.00
Domain: Home Improvements
Status: Archived

Summary Issues Recorded: 1
Issue Name: Mold on the shower ceiling
WBS: 1 Logged By: Joel Jacobson
Problem/Success: Roft had a yellow stain spot and it needed to verify to prevent further damage to the roft.
Impact: Delay in upgrade bathroom until contracted out to employee to take care of repair of roft damage.
Recommendations: Before deciding to buy material for bathroom upgrade, closely inspect anything to be repaired first.
Followed By: Joel Jacobson
Phase: Initial
Category: Project Quality Management

Attached Files: 2
Document: Vanity setup
Document Type: image/jpeg
Description: Mirror upgraded, caulking all borders with towel hanging.
Uploaded by: Jake
Uploaded Date: 2022-04-12
Document: Towel setup behind door
Document Type: image/jpeg
Description: Wall hooks to put towels or clothes hanging instead of basket or floor
Uploaded by: Jake
Uploaded Date: 2022-04-12

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Project Result wasn't the original analysis. Original analysis included a full bathroom upgrade. But after multiples contractors evaluation we decided to just keep it clean and do some resh paint and vanities and touch ups.
Contractor very friendly, fixed the molded roft in a matter of 3 days.
Selection of thing for the bathroom decorations.
Seting up by ourself.