Project Information:
: 4
: Upgrade Kitchen Door Panels
: Latches and handles doors cabinets on the kitchen set to be updated to a new modern style. saving
: Zarah Vazquez Ortiz
: Lowes

Additional Information:
: 2020-09-12
: 2020-09-20
: $300.00
Budget at Completion: $500.00
Domain: Construction
Status: Archived

Summary Issues Recorded: 3
Issue Name: Handles and Latches too modern
WBS: 1.4 Logged By: Joel Jacobson
Problem/Success: Installer realized that the handles were too modern style to match to the current door.
Impact: It wont looks good as end results due to unmatched style design.
Recommendations: Take a photo of the current door panels on the kitchen and at the store put over the handle to see how they will look like before buying them.
Followed By: Zarah Vazquez
Phase: Planning
Category: Project Scope Management
Issue Name: No white semi gloss paint available
WBS: 2 Logged By: Joel Jacobson
Problem/Success: Drill bits was peeling off chips of the back door.
Impact: This is a concern as paint has to be bought for a matching color for retouch door panels after drilling the new hole handles.
Recommendations: Had upfront matching color before drilling to keep time schedule on time and no multiples days.
Followed By: Joel Jacobson
Phase: Executing
Category: Project Cost Management
Issue Name: Bough the wrong type of handle color
WBS: 3 Logged By: Joel Jacobson
Problem/Success: Didn't match the nickel color from the latches.
Impact: Time consumption after installing 2 of them had to remove them to go exchange at store.
Recommendations: Take photo of current latches and handles to make sure they both same color and material.
Followed By: Zarah Vazquez
Phase: Executing
Category: Project Time Management

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Question Rating 1-5
goal was to update latches and door handles.
The modern satin chrome style against white color door panels.
Door panels chip off while drilling holes.
Get to do something new out of our comfort zone.
On the future door and cabinets have to be updated to a new wood.