Project Information:

: 9
: Patio gathering area setup
: Setup a 10 ' x 16 ' area for gathering patio well done. This will include leveling the ground, get the desire pavement stones, bencj, firepit base, side steps from stairways and gardering section.
: Zarah Vazquez Ortiz
: Self

Additional Information:
: 2020-05-31
: $700.00
Budget at Completion:
Domain: Construction
Status: Started

Summary Issues Recorded: 3
Issue Name: Level terraine
WBS: 1.2 Logged By: Joel Jacobson
Problem/Success: Terrain needs to be balance before putting pavement stones
Impact: Time delay
Recommendations: Fill with dirt pound and water. Wait 2 days and check for sinking. This is longer than normal meassure first using a nail and how many inches needed to level the groud. Get cubical meassurement from long by width by height and order appropiate amount of D1 Compound gravel.
Followed By: Joel Jacobson
Phase: Initial
Category: Project Quality Management
Issue Name: Material cost
WBS: 1.3.5 Logged By: Joel Jacobson
Problem/Success: Pavement stones Skyrocket value
Impact: initial budget assigned
Recommendations: Initially should mesure properly the are of 10 x 16 feet to get an estimated meassure of distance and space between each pavement stone. And get the total of pavement stones needed.
Followed By:
Phase: Initial
Category: Project Cost Management
Issue Name: Out of Stock Materials
WBS: 1.4 Logged By: Joel Jacobson
Problem/Success: Run out of inventory at home depot for specific pavement stones
Impact: Delay in time and affect the budget on delivery cost. Wasilla Store has to request transfer from Kenai Store.
Recommendations: Buy upfront all materials. by phases we didn't realized winter don't produce those stone in Alaska
Followed By: Joel Jacobson
Phase: Executing
Category: Project Cost Management

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We didnt had the project by the deadline time.
materials and measurements estimates
work package of leveling the ground
brain storming for the next step
Planning is most important.
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