About PM Lesson Learned

P roject Management Lesson Learned is a free product for easy access to project lessons learned through a web application interface for desktop or mobile. Access and permissions will be granted to the appropriate personnel to update, manage, and view a list of project lessons learned and their components/documents input by user roles and user account.

Each area will incorporate a virtual portal with key performance metrics to provide a consistent methodology with which to measure ongoing or previous project health and status at the same time giving dynamically positive and negative from final project closeout results.

Why we created PMLL

T he main goal is for everyone publicy share their experienced project in this archived system with other project managers. This will help to improve project meta data and collection from research created.

This app will help PM's to no depend on files stored in multiples locations where files was saved at. Also PM's can update you project details and documents on the go from any system with a web browser.

Our Story

For the past four years while working directly on managing projects there been many coworkers and colleagues in three ends: real-world projects, personal projects, and classroom projects being tracked in a computer system based on folder directory structure. While these projects live in an organized or unorganized structure, most of the time files can be a hassle to look for, find the last revision, replacement forms, and templates.

Often when looking back for previous lessons learned to be applied to a new project, there is not input to be found when a project gets closed and archived.

What we did to improve it

First we gathered feedback from research analysis from three sources methods by collecting data. Later we transfer all this analyzed and filtered data into an amazing friendly web interface. This interface will centralized in one consolidated location which can be access from anywhere you desire.

  1. Generated surveys and target audience in such related career field of Project Management.
  2. Meet and brainstorm with collegues and friends in programming industries for best practices for implementation.
  3. Lastly, interviewed subject matter expert (SMs) on an one-one meeting for specific topics.


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