Registered Projects

Project Name Project Details PM Domain Status End Budget
Project Lesson Learned Web App New Web Application to track all project lessons learned and centralize files associated with a project to be used in the future as part of the research. Security system implemented to be managed by appropriate resources. Joel Richard Jacobson Education Archived 850.0000
New power folding windows blinds Lowes employers will come to measure frame and estimate value to be installed. This include upstairs and downstaira main livingroom areas. Joel Richard Jacobson Construction Archived 2050.0000
Home front porch extension Extend current front porch with 16'" x4'"x 2". Joel Richard Jacobson Construction Not Started
Home gutter runners installation Cost estimates on corporates or small business who install gutters to family homes. Install gutters all around the property including mesh to protect from debriefs getting stuck. Joel Richard Jacobson Construction Not Started
Home enclosed garage extension Extended garagr to fit 2 vehicles Joel Richard Jacobson Construction Not Started
Home left tree removal Contact Gage Tree company to schedule an appointment for a tree removal including stomp at the left side of the house. Joel Richard Jacobson Environmental Archived 550.0000
Home downstairs carpet replacement The bottom downstairs has over 35 years old carpet and needs an upgrade. The carpet should be animal proof, stain proof, and odorless proof. The carpet should have at least half-inch of thickness and a total of 1 inch with padding. The carpet should be color light blue with grey. Excess should be included for future patching or repair. Joel Richard Jacobson Construction Archived 2850.0000
Garage Floor Coated Clear garage space, clean all surface concrete floor, apply coated paint at floor. Joel Richard Jacobson Environmental Not Started
Heater Water Leak Overflow pipe and pressure valve seal leak. Contact Mountain Mechanical to conduct an inspection and get the issue findings for correction. Joel Richard Jacobson Environmental Archived 585.0000
Car front DRL upgrade To install a new DRL (Day Running Light) to the front end of the car. At the same time install a front lip (diffuser) and finally repair and touch-up front bumper crack. Joel Richard Jacobson Vehicle Maintnance Archived 575.0000
Setup Supervisor WebSite Build an in-house web application to track all details of the airmen in the air guard. Joel Richard Jacobson Technology Not Started
Replace Home Electrical Panel Supreme Electric labor and material to complete the following: 1. Replace (1) existing 100 amp 16 Space Panel with (1) new 100 amp panel 24 Space Panel. 2. Updated panel schedule. Bid based on Supreme limiting tracing out of existing circuits to 1 hour for 2 techs. Joel Richard Jacobson Home Improvements Not Started
Upgrade Kitchen Door Panels Latches and handles doors cabinets on the kitchen set to be updated to a new modern style. saving Zarah Vazquez Ortiz Construction Archived 500.0000
Patio gathering area setup Setup a 10 ' x 16 ' area for gathering patio well done. This will include leveling the ground, get the desire pavement stones, bencj, firepit base, side steps from stairways and gardering section. Zarah Vazquez Ortiz Construction Started
Repaint home back deck level Subcontract local business to repaint back deck from the house. Current Paint is peeling off. New deck should be scrub and remove paint and stain with a cedar color. Zarah Vazquez Ortiz Construction Archived 2000.0000
Stairs Runner Rug Remove old rug, repaint and install runner rug. Zarah Vazquez Ortiz Construction Archived 300.0000
Home Downstairs Updated Bathroom Fix Mold ceiling, repaint ceiling, walls and door, replace vanity mirror, update shower curtains, o rings, curtain pole and floor mats. Fix loose toiler and lastly re-caulking all edges on shower panels and shower bed to include around toiler re-caulking. Zarah Vazquez Ortiz Home Improvements Archived 1200.0000
DIY Dresser Upcycle Upcycle 5-drawer dresser (sand, stain, new drawer knobs) Chelsea Childress Home Improvements Not Started 100.0000