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News and Updates

Maintenance : Risks Assessment

Joel Richard Jacobson 9/9/2022
New Feature is coming up. Risk Analysis and Risks Assessment tool will be incorporated into your projects. Risk Analysis is meant to improve the quality of the project.

Update : Portfolio Projects can now include a unique display to present to the users and staff

Joel Richard Jacobson 8/1/2022
Moving forward each project can now include a display project photo of a completed, sketch, or uncompleted project to facilitate the viewer of what type of project it is. Go ahead and try on updating your project with a display image and verify on the repository to see the new images.

Maintenance : Correcting Save and Delete functionalities

Joel Richard Jacobson 4/19/2022
Across the application with the new implementations of set of roles and restrictions we have to correct some areas.

Update : Articles with better features

Joel Richard Jacobson 4/8/2022
Articles helps the public to keep to date on all changes happening in the web application, when it come down to new features. It also contain any bug fixes, personal blog articles and maintnace of areas of interest.

Content : New Layout and Mobile App

Joel Richard Jacobson 3/25/2022
Application is available to be viewed in mobile or remotely version to include other OS versions.

Update : Project Subsidiary Files

Joel Richard Jacobson 1/7/2022
Files tied in to projects it is now possible. No limitations of how many files per projects at this point.

Content : Tutorial on How-To use this Site

Joel Richard Jacobson 11/29/2021
Step by step on how to manage lesson Learned Web Application, on videos or pdf's documents.

Content : Project and Lesson Learned Status

Joel Richard Jacobson 10/14/2021

Article : Story Background for PMLL

Joel Richard Jacobson 9/24/2021
What started the motivation to develop a web application to track all lesson learned from a project?

Update : New home page Layout

Joel Richard Jacobson 9/11/2021

Content : Project Feedback Survey

Joel Richard Jacobson 8/30/2021
Feature added to survey all PMs out there in regards of knowledge and skills from their organizations

Content : Project Logs is a new component added to your portfolio

Joel Richard Jacobson 8/9/2021
Project Logs is a new feature that can be found within your project portfolio and repository system. Go and start adding your logs or lesson-learned notes to your projects.

Content : Project Files

Joel Richard Jacobson 8/9/2021